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Wine by Distinction

Light & Fresh Whites

Pinot Grigio, Cieloe Terra (750 ml) (Italy)
Light and refreshing with an enticing bouquet of bread crust and green apple.
Pinot Grigio, Prendeo (750 ml) (Italy)
Fruit-filled flavors of crisp pear, lemon, lime & apple.
Sauvignon Blanc, The Beachhouse (750 ml) (South Africa)
Bright passion fruit and grapefruit character with a hint of lime peel.
Viognier, The White Knight (750 ml) (Clarksburg, California)
Green apple, and white peach aromas playfully engage with flavors of pear and melon.

Full Flavored Whites

Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson (750 ml) (California)
Beautiful tropical flavors of pineapple, and mango with citrus notes that explode in your mouth.
Chardonnay, Alias (750 ml) (California)
Butter, vanilla oak, and citrus, with delicate notes of melon and lemon peel.

Bright & Smooth Reds

Malbec, Viu Manent Estate Reserva (750 ml) (Chile)
Red fruits a nd berries that intermingle with subtle floral and spice notes.
Pinot Noir, Cielo e Terra (750 ml) (Italy)
Candied raspberry and cherry flavors, with a nice spiciness.

Ripe & Full Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon, Leese-Fitch (750 ml) (California)
Aromas and flavors of espresso, black currants, dark cherry and with a Dutch cocoa finish.
Red Blend, Leese-Fitch "Firehouse" (750 ml) (California)
Flavors of blackberry jam, fresh fig, milk chcolate, graham cracker, and a a hint of cherry.


Six Bottle per pack, Limit 2 Packs
Bud Light (12 oz) (6) 9.50
Kirin Ichiban (12 oz) (6) 11.00
Budweiser (12 oz) (6) 9.50
Coors Light (12 oz) (6) 9.50
Helneken (12 oz) (6) 11.50
Tsingtao (12 oz) (6) 13.50
Michelob Vctra (12 oz) (6) 9.50
Sapporo (22 oz) (per bottle)
(Limit 3 Bottles)
Sam Adams (12 oz) (6) 12.00
New England (1 pt.) (6) 3.00
Great North PA (12 oz) (6) 3.00
Corona (12 oz) (6) 11.50